Historic Hoorn, the Netherlands

Hoorn is a historic port city located on the Markermeer, and a very important city in the Dutch Golden Age (1602 - 1702). Many traces of this past can be admired in the historic centre of Hoorn. The city has 368 national monuments and has just over 72,000 inhabitants.

At about 30 minutes from Amsterdam, Hoorn is well worth a visit for a day to wander through the charming streets and alleys. The picturesque harbour area and the main square are a 'must see'. For all practical information about a private guided tour or city walk Hoorn, the Netherlands click here!

Private Guided Tours

If you really want to get to know Hoorn, book a tour! Ideal for families, couples or larger groups. Guided tours are always tailor-made and usually last 1.5 to 2 hours.

A private city walk of 1.5 hours starts from EUR 75,-. For foreign guests I always make a tour tailored to your needs. Guided tours can be extended to a full day. The costs depend on the duration of the tour, the size of the group, the mode of transport, etc. Please contact me for a quote.


Popular private guided tours Hoorn

Highlight tour Hoorn

Highlight Tour Hoorn - Local Guide Hoorn

During the Highlight tour I will take you along the Highlights of the city such as: the Main Tower, the Statenlogement, the Roode Steen, De Oude Waegh, the Bossu Houses and much more. We will visit the most important ...more info

Dutch golden age tour

Dutch Golden Age tour Hoorn - Local Guide Hoorn

The Dutch Golden Age tour takes us past the beautiful monuments of this time (1602 – 1702). Many stories from the VOC era and the 80 year war are told. During this walk it becomes clear that Hoorn soon benefited from ...more info

Meet the local tour

Meet the local tour - local guide hoorn

Foreign guests appreciate the special ‘Meet The Local Tour’. A combination of the beautiful places in Hoorn, some history, a visit to an ordinary Dutch house and details about Dutch daily life. This tour will suprise you ...more info

Harbour tour Hoorn

Harbour Tour Hoorn - Private guided tour Hoorn

During the Harbour Walk in Hoorn we pass five different harbours of Hoorn. We see some of the most important monuments of the city. During the walk you will discover that the current structure of the harbours originated from the beginning of the 17th century. ....more info

Bike tour Hoorn

Bike tour Hoorn - Local Guide Hoorn

Especially for foreign guests I have developed a great bike tour. This bike tour takes us through Hoorn and a few beautiful villages in the immediate vicinity. We pass a classic Dutch windmill, a historic Dutch dike and in spring we pass extensive tulip fields. ....more info

Amsterdam countryside

Amsterdam - Countryside tour

The largest monument from the Dutch Golden Age is located between Hoorn and Amsterdam. This fascinating polder landscape (Unesco World Heritage) with its many dikes, windmills and historic villages got its current appearance in the 17th century ....more info

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Family friendly tour with treasure hunt

The family friendly tour Hoorn is fun for children and parents. This tour takes us past the most important monuments and a whole collection of beautiful unicorns. While the children go in search of unicorns, I tell the stories about the city.
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  • We had a great walk through Hoorn with Alette. Her explanations were very interesting for people with and without historical background. She told little anecdotes and put them into a greater historical context. We learned to love this beautiful little town with her.
    Toby Higgins (USA)
  • Alette custom-designed a driving tour specifically for me.  It's well worth the additional cost to have someone guide you through a strange city. I loved every minute with Alette & strongly recommend spending some time with her as your guide. (read full review on tripadvisor)

    Michelle & family (from Chigago)
  • Alette took us for a wonderful tour around Horn. We started in a restaurant, where Alette briefly told us about history and specifics of the country. Then we had a walking tour around the harbor and nice parts of the town. Thanks a lot Alette! (red: full review see tripadvisor)
    Nikita (Moscow)
  • Alette is the best tour guide you can pick! She is very knowledgeable of Hoorn and Netherlands history. Never a dull moment in the tour. Definitely recommend 10 out of 10! (red.: Mathew and his family booked the highlight tour)
    Mathew Gutierrez (Dallas)
  • Alette was wonderfully knowledgable and fun. We had the BEST Tour of all the groups that had tours from our ship, the Amastella, and this was all due to our excellent tour guide, Alette. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. (full review: see tripadvisor)
    Guest from AMA-Waterways
  • This is a really lovely lady who knows Hoorn like the back of her hand, excellent! We had a lovely time and we recommend her to everyone! (red.: Marina took the Harbor Tour Hoorn)
    Marina H.
  • We had a great tour with Alette. She showed us a lot of beautiful places and told lot's of interesting historical stories about the city. She really takes her time to make it as fun as possible. Thank you Alette.
    Mike Peerdeman (Hoorn)

Sights to see in Hoorn

Maria Tower

B&B Maria Toren

This tower was built in 1508 as a defensive tower and gunpowder storage. The tower still stands proudly on the old city wall. In its long history the tower has had many different functions. She has served as an ice cellar, studio and since 2015 it is transformed into a bed & breakfast.


The Oostereiland is one of my favorite sights in Hoorn. When I take a walk around the city myself, I almost always walk around the Oostereiland. The light, the sky, the wind, the sturdy buildings and the view make this place more than worthwhile in both good and bad weather!


Westfries Museum

The Statencollege is a 17th-century building which was used by the government of the area above Amsterdam. Before 1631 this was the site of the house of the provost, the local representative of the bishop of Utrecht, one of the first stone houses in Hoorn.

More to see

Information about Hoorn, the Netherlands

Where to stay

Where to stay Hoorn | Local Guide Hoorn

Where to stay in Hoorn? Many guests from abroad ask me for advice on the best places to spend the night. I have listed a number of special places and real recommendations: my personal top 5 'where to stay in Hoorn' ....read more

Where to eat

Where to eat in Hoorn | Local Guide Hoorn

Where to eat in Hoorn is quite a tricky question. There is more than enough choice for a drink, lunch and dinner. Which restaurant will suit you best depends on your personal preferences. To help you around I have made a list ....read more

What to do

Stoomtram Hoorn | Local Guide Hoorn

Hoorn is a versatile historical city where you can do many different things. In addition to a guided tour, there are various activities that you can do on your own. I have made an overview of things you should definitely consider ....read more

More info

Close to Hoorn

Hoorn has excellent direct train connections with Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam and a number of beautiful historic cities. With Hoorn as your base in the Netherlands, you have all the advantages of metropolis Amsterdam, but you also enjoy the relative peace, friendliness and affordable prices of a provincial city.

Schiphol - Hoorn: 45 min.

Schiphol airport | Local Guide Hoorn

If you are traveling from Schiphol Airport it is best to take the train to Hoorn. Every hour 4 trains leave for Hoorn, two of them with a direct train connection of only 45 minutes.

Amsterdam - Hoorn: 31 min.

Amsterdam - Hoorn | Local Guide Hoorn

By train from Hoorn you can reach the historic centre of Amsterdam within 31 minutes. The last train back to Hoorn leaves at night at 00.23 hours.

Alkmaar - Hoorn: 23 min.

Alkmaar Kaasmarkt - Hoorn | Local Guide Hoorn

Alkmaar - Hoorn is just 23 minutes by train! Alkmaar has a beautiful historic center and from April to September there is a cheese market every Friday morning.

More nearby towns

How to get to Hoorn

By Train

Amsterdam - Hoorn by train - Local Guide Hoorn

From Amsterdam it is only 32 minutes by train to Hoorn. The train station of Hoorn center is only a 3 minute walk away from the historic center and a single ticket from Amsterdam to Hoorn costs approximately 9.

By Bus

To Hoorn, Netherlands by Bus - Local Guide Hoorn

The bus from Amsterdam to Hoorn takes you along other historical towns such as Monnickendam and Edam. The trip takes about 56 minutes and a single tickt by bus costs about 7 euros. From the bus station you can walk straight into the historic center of Hoorn.

By Car

Parking in Hoorn, Netherlands - Local Guide Hoorn

Hoorn is located along the A7 freeway and is very easily accessible by car. The following parking lots are conveniently located: (1) Parking garage Schouwburg Het Park, (2) Parking lot de Nieuwe Wal and (3) Parking lot Pelmolenpad.

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